Current Bug List for PointLightLab

This is the bug list and their status for the current version only. If you are still using an older version... there is no plan to provide additional patches. Sorry. Its just too much work to try to support multiple versions at the same time. Please upgrade for the sake of my sanity.

Current Bug List

Priority Description Comments Status
Low PLLPlayer Deleting Tone.wav sends PLLPlayer into some sort of weird installation routine

This is part of the installation system verifying that all the files from the distribution are in place before running. This only happens with the PLLPLayer. Unsure if this should be a bug yet. Still investigating.

This is the result of Microsoft Installer self-healing feature. This needs to be tidied up and documented.

Verified - awaiting action
High PLLPlayer - Results file - Script block description isn't showing correct Info Needs more details to verify Unverified
High PLLManual - Completely out of date   Improved in v4.0.12 More to be done
High PLLWebsite - Needs updating   Improved in v4.0.12 More to be done
Low PLLEditor - Audio track editor shows first model frame when model file is not loaded Untidy but is it a problem? Still under development Unresolved
Medium PLLPlayer - Exception message for bad script layer does not mention which script layer has caused the exception To be resolved when parser is changed next. Open
Low PLLEditor - Sometimes does not appear in the task bar. Still trying to pin down why this happens. Open
Medium PLLEditor - Tree view does not clear if a file fails to load Editor is being re-written. No longer an issue
High PLLEditor - Default colour of the freckles in the pattern layer is grey. Needs to be black   Fixed in v4.0.13
V.High PLLPlayer - Random play sequence does not play the correct number of script blocks with high numbers of script blocks and large numbers of trials. Probably a rounding error. Reported again by another site. Completely replaced problem code. Now generates the sequence prior to program start. Can be dumped in the Results file for analysis. Fixed in v4.0.13
High PLLEditor - Writing the DTD path in the script file with spaces in the path string. This is a flaw from the changeover from the PLLDelploy tool to the new registry strings feature. This will be resolved once a clean install has been made. Resolved with v4.0.13
High PLLPlayer - Throws an exception about the texture file name not being valid and reports from CTexture_Freckle This may have been fixed. Testing to try to reproduce. Fixed in v4.0.13
High PLLPlayer - generating nullFreckle.bmp Caused by temporary patch. Fixed. Fixed in v4.0.13
High PLLPlayer - trying to run a script of version 4.0 causes program to crash intermittantly.   Fixed in v4.0.13
High PLLPlayer - crashing if freckle Effect is active Cause by fixing some code without testing. Fixed in v4.0.13
  Version 4.0.13 Development versions    
High PLLPlayer - Crashes if inconsistent number of model dots in the script file compared to the model file specified.   Open
High PLLPlayer - ScreenDimension missing from hardware config file. Could be typo or uppercase problem. Open
hIgh PLLPlayer - Not using XML config file format   Fixed in v4.0.13
Medium PLLEditor- Experiment Editor reports an error when opening the first experiment file. Works fine for all subsequent openings. Seems to be caused by the .NET component rather than within PLLEditor... still not sure why or how to fix. Open
Low PLLEditor - Enumerate Display modes tool Todo Open
Low PLLEditor - Keyscan Utility Todo Open
Low PLLEditor- Exp Ed- Edit menu disabled Todo Open
Low PLLEditor - Exp Ed- Experiment wizard disabled Todo Open