PointLightLab FAQ

This is a collection of questions about various sections of the PointLightLab system. \

PointLightLab Player

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PointLightLab Editor

Q. How does this work?

A. Open a file and edit it. There are lots of context dependant help and tips in the editor and in the Manual to assist with understanding its use.

Script File Syntax

Q. I need some more examples to know the complete line syntax.

A. The sample files are complete.  They contain all the possible attributes and tags.  You will get error messages if anything crucial is missing.  I recommend copying and pasting sections from one of the sample files in the samples directory to get you going.

Q. How do you turn off the freckle effect (i.e. make plain dots)? If you set the effect to "false" in your demo it crashes. I figure it's getting what else is on the line correct but the manual does not specify what settings are mandatory and what ones depend on other settings.

A. If you set the freckle effect to false it should not crash.  This should turn the freckles off without a problem.  Check with the new version and see if the problem is still present.  If so, please send me the file as I would like to recreate the bug and fix it. 

BTW you should still have all the other attributes in the freckleeffect tag line.  None of the attributes are treated as optional even though some may not be doing anything at that time.  This goes for all the tags.

Q. How about playing a stimulus without a walker present?

A. No problem, just remove the <PatternLayer> </PatternLayer> section from the script block in question.  I assume you are talking about a visual stimulus?  Composed of just noise dots? 

One thing to keep in mind that is probably not documented anywhere is that the layers need to be in order within the script block( first textLayers, then pattern layers, then audiolayers then noise layers. ) Its just a peculiarity with the xml parser that I am still working a way around.

Q. I'm assuming that I can still play the audio files even if there is no walker.

A. Yes.  The Pattern Layer ( the walker ) is totally independent of any Audio layers.

Q. I would like to use a better footstep sound. What do I need to know to set-up the audio file to use these?

A. The easy way is to copy one of the existing audiotrack files and re-name it.  Then substitute the name of your wav file into the events.  Then include this new audiotrack file into the script file as an audio layer in the appropriate script block.

Q. Does the audio file only synch to a specific walkers speed or does it respond if a speed up the animation?

A. It will not automatically sync up if you increase the speed of the walker.  To get this working you need to change the audiolayer in one of a couple of ways. You can sync up the timing by either fiddling with the audioSpeedMultiplier The formula I use is (original event time * audioSpeedMultiplier = new event time so a value of 0.5 = double original audio speed. Its completely un-intuitive I know)

You can also sync up the animation by fiddling with the event times in the audiotrack file.

Methods of Experimentation

Q. What experiment methods does PLL support?

A. PLL Supports the Method of Limits ( both ascending and decending ) & the method of constant limits. Support for the staircase method and other methods are being added in release 4.0.13.