PointLightLab Tutorials

New Tutorials for v4.0.12

Using the "Bulk Set Dot Colour in Pattern Layer" Tool

This tutorial demonstrates setting all the Model Dots in a pattern layer to the same colour in one easy step.

Using the "Bulk Set Pattern Layers" Tool Part 1

This is a two part tutorial that builds a complex stimuli of five star jumpers using a number of the features of this new tool.

Using the "Bulk Set Pattern Layers" Tool Part 2

In the second part of the tutorial, we explore cloning script blocks and adjusting the sync of the animation speed of one of the star jumpers.

Using the "Model Viewer" Tool

If you have ever wanted to know what a model file actually looked like; this tool is for you. You can even save snap shots to document your presentation or experiment report.

Using the "Audiotrack Visual Editor" Tool

This tutorial looks at the important process of building an audiotrack for a stimuli. It demonstrates how to syncronise the audiotrack events with specific frames in a model file.