Future Plan for PointLightLab

Development Roadmap

Development of PLL is on an as-needed basis. Work has been stalled on a major update to the feature set ( the fabled version 5) which is stable but unpolished. Currently I am maintaining version 4 and adding bug fixes to PLLPlayer and adding features to the Editor. My intention is to merge these changes with the V5 code base and move forward with the single version... however time is not on my side at the moment.

Another option is to move the whole project to an open source license and give others the option to contribute if they wish. This would involve a fairly major discussion and involves some unknowns about the various claims from some stakeholders. We shall see.

Features still to be added for v4.x.x

Proposed Feature Additions


Current Feature Request List

Request by Priority Description Status
David Medium PLLEditor & PLLPlayer - Give weights to script blocks for randomised display. Open
David Medium PLLEditor & PLLPlayer - Name/Label for each script block for display in the results file and editor. Open
Rusty Medium PLLPlayer - Option to suppress the Inter stimuli audio cue. Open
Rusty & Anna Low PLLEditor & PLLPlayer - Create a Scrambled model file ( 12 dots ) in no coherent pattern Open
Duncan Medium PLLEditor - Add the remaining model tools from the previous model editor. (Scale, symmetry, Flip, translate, Scatter, interpolate frames etc) Open
Anna Low PLLEditor - Build Automated Analysis macros for Excel Open
Anna Low PLLPlayer - Play two script blocks before collecting a result Open
Duncan Medium PLLEditor - Add audio track tools ( Add offset, speed ) Open
Duncan Medium PLLEditor - Script block visualiser will display the play order of the script blocks and the inter stimuli events as well as showing the effect of the various layers in a script block. Open
Duncan Medium PLLEditor - Script editing - Clone Selected layer or dot tool. This will be a quick way to clone and add a selected script element. This will be available from a button on the script editing interface. Open
Duncan Low PLLEditor - Audiotrack visual editor - add an animation speed multiplier to the Sync to model file tools. Open
Duncan Medium PLLEditor - Add bulk Model dots in one operation. Open
Manu Medium PLLPlayer - Apply the clipping region to the pattern as well as the Noise field. - This has some complicated questions that need to be answered about looping patterns, but can be done. Open
Manu, Anna, Davey Medium PLLPlayer - Two interval forced choice option. This feature has had multiple requests. Open (Planned for the next major change to the Script File format)
Manu, Anna, Ricky High PLLPlayer - Clean up the method used to define the translation vector. Current system is confusing and potentially buggy. Open
Manu Low PLLPlayer - Specify a coordinate system with a fixed range of 0-100. This is an interesting idea but currently is not planned to be implemented. It would require further investigation to establish feasibility. Suspended
Manu Medium PLLPlayer - Provision of an Interstimuli Interval with a fixed time frame plus a random addition. (Stimuli Onset Asychronicity?) Open (Planned for next major change to the script file format)
Rusty Medium PLLPlayer - Control over the inter stimuli audio cue. Open(Planned for next change to the script file format)
Duncan High PLLPlayer - Read path for default config file from registry. Open

Current Bug List

Priority Description Comments Status
Low PLLPlayer Deleting Tone.wav sends PLLPlayer into some sort of weird installation routine

This is part of the installation system verifying that all the files from the distribution are in place before running. This only happens with the PLLPLayer. Unsure if this should be a bug yet.

This is the result of Microsoft Installer self-healing feature. This needs to be tidied up and documented.

Verified - awaiting action
High PLLPlayer - Results file - Script block description isn't showing correct Info Needs more details to verify Unverified
High PLLManual - Completely out of date   Improved in v4.0.12 More to be done
High PLLWebsite - Needs updating   Improved in v4.0.12 More to be done
Low PLLEditor - Audio track editor shows first model frame when model file is not loaded Untidy but is it a problem? Still under development Unresolved
Medium PLLPlayer - Exception message for bad script layer does not mention which script layer has caused the exception To be resolved when parser is changed next. Open
Low PLLEditor - Sometimes does not appear in the task bar. Still trying to pin down why this happens. Open
Medium PLLEditor - Tree view does not clear if a file fails to load Editor is being re-written. No longer an issue
High PLLPlayer - Crashes if inconsistent number of model dots in the script file compared to the model file specified.   Open
Medium PLLEditor- Experiment Editor reports an error when opening the first experiment file. Works fine for all subsequent openings.   Open
Medium Paths in the Config file not being fixed is the software is installed in a non-standard directory or has different localised language. This should be fixed in the installer via a script or patch. Open in v4.5.5