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Tutorial - Using the " Bulk Set Dot Colour in Pattern Layer" Tool

This tool is intended to provide an easy way to rapidly set all the model dots in a pattern layer to the same colour in a single action.

Finding the "Bulk Set Dot Colour in Pattern Layer" Tool

The tool is located on a sub-menu off the Script Menu which is only visible when there is a script file open. The tool can be found on the "Edit Model Dots" Sub-Menu.


The general process is to select the pattern layer that contains the dots whos colour you wish to change. Then select the tool option from the menu and select the colour from the colour dialog that pops up. The tool will then try to apply that colour to all the dots in the selected pattern layer.

Step 1 - Select a pattern layer

Do this by clicking on the pattern layer ( on the text rather than on the little cross box). The text should now be highlighted a nice blue.

Select a Pattern Layer

Step 2 - Select the "Bulk Set Dot Colour in Pattern Layer" tool from the Script Tools Menu

Do this by clicking on the "Script Tools" menu on the tool bar at the top and then move your mouse down to "Edit Model Dots" and the sub-menu will open. Select "Bulk Set Dot Colour in Pattern Layer".

Bulk Set Dot Colour Menu Option

Step 3 - Select the colour for the Model dots

You should see a colour dialog at this stage. It allows you to select a colour from the presets or to mix your own colour by clicking the "Define Custom Colours" button. Once you have selected a colour; click the OK button.

Colour Dialog

Step 4 - Verify that it worked as expected

Open the Model dots in the pattern layer and verify that they are set to the colour that you have just selected. If this is not the case, check that the right pattern layer is selected and try again. If a message box has poped up at any point in the process, try to address the issue noted and try again.

Verify the model dots have the correct colour


This tool is a simple way to manage dot colours in pattern layers as a group. Where you wish to only set some of the model dot colours, they must still be done at least partially by hand.